Welcome to JA Photographers. JA are international photographers that specialize in fashion, art & cultural events.
“Photography is more than just about clicking a button; It’s a way of seeing, a way of feeling and simply … a way of life”

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Born and raised in London, Junior Agyeman Owusu is fast becoming the next internationally established photographer. Since graduating from the University college of the creative arts (UCA), Junior Agyeman has evolved into a creative director fusing his film production company, passion for the arts and traveling together to create a distinctive style that challenges the notion of traditional photography. Since getting married, Junior has teamed up with his wife, Sherean Agyeman Owusu, to create a powerful duo – one that blends passion with detail in a more dynamic way than ever before.

Capturing detail and mood, this duo passionately stamp their images with splashes of color and inspiration. From fashion to art, JA eloquently combines mediums, mixing fine art, raw emotion and compelling styles for unique and stunning pieces of work.

When not in front of the camera, both Junior & Sherean spend most of this time traveling, making films and doing allot of social and mental work with our communities.