At JA Photography, we offer a range of services ranging from Fashion to Weddings.

We are all about the art; the aspect that separates your images from the rest and that makes your images special and personal. We are inspired everyday and thus love creating art. We believe that photography is one of our many mediums we use to capture the world whiles creating our art. Because of our artistic and branding background with our collaborative creative partners, Embeesea Media, we have the ability/freedom to create conceptual designs. From beginning to end, we can do it all and feel that this is a unique aspect about us which allows us to full responsibility of an image creatively and present you with the final product.

We Below are all our services. If you want more info, please doesn’t hesitate to contact us using our contact us page or alternatively you can email us at:

Below are all the photographic services we offer:
Weddings (Moments)
Conceptual Design & Photo Retouching (Art)